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SEM SEO Expert” is a blog written by Nima Asrar Haghighi. Nima is an Internet Marketing Specialist with expertise in SEM (PPC Advertising), Organic SEO, RSS, Social Media and Web Analytics (Google Analytics IQ Certified). Nima holds an MBA in marketing, B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering, Project Management Certification, and CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster) in E-commerce. Contact: nima @ sem seo expert.com.

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Glossary of Terms

Bid Jamming - The process by which a search marketer sets its bid as such that it makes its competitors pay their maximum CPC.

Bid Management Tool - A software that automatically changes your bid for you to maintain your position on Yahoo result pages considering the maximum CPC you are ready to pay for a phrase.

CIW - It is an acronym for Certified Internet Webmaster.

Cost Per Click - Also known as CPC, is a term used in Paid Per Click Advertising. It refers to the cost you encounter every time your advertisement is clicked.

CPC - See Cost Per Click

CPM - It is an acronym representing cost per thousand impressions (number of times your ad served). In CPM model, your cost is calculated by multiplying the number of impressions by the CPM rate negotiated by the publisher.

Google AdWords Qualified Professional - is a Qualified Individuals within the Google Advertising Professionals program who has passed the Google Advertising Professionals Exam and have met other requirements in order to achieve this level of recognition.

KPI - Key Performance Indicator

MBA - Master of Business Administration

Paid For Inclusion - Also known as PFI, refers to paid submission of a website to the search engines/directories to ensure its inclusion in their database. It usually does not guarantee the ranking.

Paid Per Click - Also known as PPC, is a form of advertising on the net where you only pay commission when your advertisement is clicked.

PFI - See Paid For Inclusion

Podcasting - podcasting term is coined by combining ipod and broadcasting. It refers to broadcasting audio/video files over the Internet using RSS or Atom feeds.

PPC - See Paid Per Click

Really Simple Syndication - Is a means of distributing dynamic and frequently changing content. It is in XML format and distributed among the subscribers through their RSS aggregators.

RSS - See Really Simple Syndication

RSS Feeds - Are usually the summaries of Website content, articles or blog posts that are published in RSS format.

Search Engine Marketing - Also known as SEM, refers to the marketing initiatives undertaken to promote a website on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization - Also known as SEO, is the process of optimizing your website so that it gets a high ranking for your targeted key phrases.

SEM - See Search Engine Marketing

SEM Expertise - the set of skills required to conduct search engine marketing proficiently.

SEO - See Search Engine Optimization

SERP - is an acronym for Search Engine Result Page

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