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AOL Dilemma – Google or MSN?

Well, I told you the search engine battlefield is getting interesting! It is speculated that Google has started talks with Time Warner to bid on AOL as a preemptive measure. The AOL and MSN merger could be a blow to Google’s market share and revenue – Google generates more than $350 million revenue annually from […]

MSN & AOL vs. Google & Yahoo

There are so many speculations on the confidential talks between Microsoft and Warner Brothers on the possible cooperation of MSN and AOL web properties in order to create a new or collaborative portal and messaging service. This could help AOL & MSN to compete fiercely with big guys: Google and Yahoo. This could be especially […]

Search Engine Marketing Inc.

I have just started reading a new book on SEO & SEM entitled Search Engine Marketing Inc. by Mike Moran and Bill Hunt. It is by far one of the best books I have ever read on the subject. It is well organized and covers topics such as setting website goals, keyword research, optimizing content, […]

AdSense for Feeds

Google has now launched the beta version of its AdSense for feeds. This program works like the AdSense program and delivers contextually targeted advertising through RSS feeds. With this move, Google would create more opportunities for its advertisers as well as more revenue potential for its publishers and of course Google itself. Given the popularity […]

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