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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Google Search Based Keyword Tool - SKTool

Google just announced the introduction of its new keyword search tool. Google's new free keyword suggestion tool is called Search-based Keyword Tool (SKTool or SbKT).

Whether you use keyword research tools for SEO or PPC advertising using AdWords, YSM (previously Overture), MSN and adCenter, you can benefit from Google's new and free keyword tool.

The Search-based Keyword Tool helps you leverage search query data relevant to your website's content by giving you keywords that Google believes are relevant to your site but are not currently part of your AdWords campaigns. By using this new tool, not only you can prevent any missed opportunities but also can work on improving the Quality Score of your AdWords campaigns by selecting keywords that Google finds most relevant.

So, What is Search-based Keyword Suggestion Tool?

This tool provides you with keyword ideas that are relevant and specific to your site. Google analyzes the landing page on your website and suggests keyword queries that have occured on Google properties over the past year. The suggested keywords are organized into subcategories.

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool from Google
In the first look, the tool looks like Google AdWords External Keyword Research Tool, however, SKTool (SbKT) combines the knowledge of your website together with Google's query database to suggest relevant keywords for your AdWords campaigns.

The keyword tool looks at the content on each page within your website and pairs keyword suggestions with specific pages that Google believes are most relevant. Of course it is important to use your own judgment before selecting any of the suggested keywords and not to put your faith in the hands of machines ;0).

The tool also offers average bid required to place your ad in the top three position of Google search engine results pages. Another cool feature of this new keyword tool is that it checks for deleted, paused and negative keywords in your AdWords account to ensure they do not suggest any duplicate keywords.

What could make Google search-based keyword tool so special is its ability to provide you with the top keywords across all categories and not just the keywords related to your website. Once the tool is out of beta, it could be the new best friend for PPC and SEO professionals.

Nima Asrar Haghighi, SEM Expert

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