Web Analytics

Web Analytics is the concept of measuring website performance and analyzing how visitors interact with a site.  Web Analytics applications can help companies improve their sites to improve their ROI, customer satisfaction and website usability.

Toronto Google Analytics Services

Web Analytics measures visitors’ journey through your website.  This includes analysis of sources of traffic and conversions, the effectiveness of landing pages, the efficiency of paths visitors have to take on your website to achieve a goal, and the user friendliness of web design.

Web analytics specialists measure different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as the performance of your website in a commercial context or level of engagement.  Web Analytics consultants utilize the data captured using web analytics applications such as Google Analytics, Omniture and WebTrends. They measure and compare this data against key performance indicators for optimum performance, and use it to improve a web site`s or marketing campaign’s (e.g., e-mail, SEO , SEM , Affiliate Marketing ) effectiveness.

Web Analytics technologies mostly use either log file analysis or page tagging as their means of data collection. To decide which approach suits you best, you may need to consult with a Web Analytics specialist.

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