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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Personalization & Google Universal Search Optimization

On the second part of my article on One Degree, Personalization and Universal Search Optimization, I covered different tactics and strategies on optimization of a website for personalized Universal search.

I argued that the first step in optimization is to make sure your site has a wide reach and has high visibility. Some of tactics I recommend are chasing the search long tail, utilizing Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) concept, optimizing images and videos, writing high quality blog posts, building a presence on Google local search and news while keeping viral marketing in mind.

On the third part of the universal search optimization article, I cover two other strategies:
  • Being persuasive to take advantage of your rankings and luring traffic to your site.
  • Building a sticky and interesting website that keeps visitors coming back.

Some of the tactics covered here are optimizing your site using internal search, making it easy to bookmark your site, set up link baits while monitoring the performance of your initiatives utilizing Web Analytics applications.

The concluding section of the article I cover the effects of personalized search on Pay Per Click advertising. Here I argue that the rise of personalization can also boost PPC advertising on search engines.

I also suggest that the branding campaigns will have a crucial impact on the performance of your website in a personalized search era.

By Nima - Toronto SEO Expert

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