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Internet Marketing – Direct Response vs. Branding

When Internet marketing specialists try to put together an online advertising plan for promoting their businesses (let it be B2B or B2C business), they usually take into consideration two Internet marketing strategies: direct response marketing and brand awareness. Internet marketing can be used and benefited by any businesses to fulfill their direct response or branding […]

Measuring Display Banner Ads Performance – Google Campaign Insight

Display Ads were among the first form of online advertising. Since marketers started utilizing Internet as a platform for promoting their products/services, banner advertising became popular. The rational was that if they can target websites that attract the same audience as theirs, they can reach their target market through contextual advertising. Banner ads have been […]

Tirgan Festival – Persian Cultural Event in Downtown Toronto

Recently, I volunteered to help the organizers of Tirgan Festival, a Persian event that will be held in Toronto (Harbourfront Centre) in July 17 – 20, 2008. Tirgan festival presents Iranian art and culture through a four-day cultural festival in Toronto. The event makes a deliberate effort to include contributions from various ethnic groups in […]

RSS Explained

Well, I started implementing RSS feeds to make it easiers for my viewers to get access to my Internet Marketing, SEO and SEM blog content. However, I thought what if some visitors are not yet familiar with RSS. How would they benefit from it? That is why I decided to post a short description on […]