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Google Instant Previews – Impact on SEO and PPC?

As a quest to provide its audience with a better user experience – and to some extent catch up with Bing – Google unveiled its new search feature: Instant previews.  The new feature provides a snapshot image preview of the web page on the SERP when hovering over a magnifying glass icon next to the […]

Google Boost – Advertising for Local Businesses

To help those who search for local businesses, Google has been offering local vertical and to help local businesses to promote their businesses provided them with local business center (renamed to Google Places). Recently Google introduced a new feature called Google Boost which allows businesses to create search ads directly from their Google Places account […]

Account Transition – Smooth Landing for Search Alliance

In my previous articles, Yahoo & Microsoft Alliance and Optimizing for Bing, I mentioned about the plans of Microsoft and Yahoo to merge and its impact on natural search results and search engine optimization. The other major impact of search alliance will be on pay per click (PPC) advertising on both Yahoo and Bing.  Microsoft […]

Yahoo & Microsoft Search Alliance

It seems that the Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance is going to happen as planned in October and we are not going to wait until the end of holiday season.  As announced back in February, Yahoo and Microsoft forged an alliance to provide their users with a new search experience by providing relevant results faster […]

Broad Match Modifier Was Rolled Out

Back in May, Google introduced AdWords Broad Match Modifier by launching the beta version in Canada and UK.  The broad match modifier is a targeting feature that lets advertisers create keyword phrases in their AdWords accounts which have greater reach than phrase match and more control than broad match.  Google has now rolled out the […]

Google AdWords Testing New Ad Delivery

Google has been trying a new format of ad delivery for AdWords.  It seems that Google is testing showing ads under different headings. The ads with the higher quality score, most likely triggered by exact match keywords, seems to rank high.  Then Google shows the other ads under different relevant headings most like triggered by […]

Google AdWords Search Funnel Reports

One of the challenges search engine marketers had been facing was that the only way they had to analyze, optimize and measure the success of an SEM campaign solely based on the last click conversion. Even though considering the contribution of the last click conversion to the success of a campaign is important, ignoring the […]

Broad Match Modifier – AdWords Broad Match Modified

Google just announced a new modifier to its broad match.  AdWords has been offering 4 main types of keyword matches for quite a while: Broad match, phrase match, exact match and negative match. Broad match: night stand can trigger ads for Cheap Night Stand, Night Stand Deals, Stand For Night Lamps, One Night Stand! Phrase […]

CPA Bid Management – Google AdWords Conversion Optimizer

Google just announced the addition of Target CPA Bidding to its conversion optimizer tool.  With this feature, you can set the Target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Bidding at the campaign level which lets Google AdWords know the average amount you are ready to pay for a conversion. When Google first introduced Conversion Optimizer, the tool […]

Google Remarketing – Retargeting Strategies, Implementation & Reporting

As I mentioned earlier, Google introduced its new Remarketing feature. Google remarketing (a.k.a remessaging) can be used to develop and implement different strategies such as: Retargeting all visitors to your site. For example, if you are an online publisher, you can choose to retarget those people who have visited your site and not subscribed to […]

Google Introduces Remarketing Feature – Search Retargeting

Being an innovator might not necessarily mean you will be successful. In order for an innovative product to catch on, the market should be ready for accepting the product and you need to have the marketing arm that can push the product. Yahoo was the first major search engine who got into behavioural marketing by […]

AdWords Reach & Frequency Report

One of the less frequently used yet useful reports provided by Google AdWords is Reach and Frequency report. If you advertise using placement-targeted campaigns, AdWords’ Reach and Frequency Performance report helps you see how many users saw your placement-targeted ads and how frequently they viewed them over a period of time. To generate this report, […]

Measuring Display Banner Ads Performance – Google Campaign Insight

Display Ads were among the first form of online advertising. Since marketers started utilizing Internet as a platform for promoting their products/services, banner advertising became popular. The rational was that if they can target websites that attract the same audience as theirs, they can reach their target market through contextual advertising. Banner ads have been […]

Click to Call: Google Mobile Advertising

Google recently re-introduced its Click to Call ads feature. With the wide spread use of smart phones and the growth of mobile search, Google has decided to take another look at Click to Call advertising concept they introduced a couple of years ago. At the time, the focus was mostly on the desktop where calling […]

Google Search Query Report – Negative Keyword Generator

Google AdWords offers a report called Search Query Performance report that can be a very powerful tool for improving your Google AdWords PPC campaign. As I mentioned in my previous post on keyword research, keyword selection can make or break a SEM campaign. You can utilize keyword research tools such as Wordtracker, Google AdWords keyword […]