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Recap of SES Toronto – 2010

As mentioned in my previous post, we exhibited at Search Engine Strategies Conference here in Toronto.  SES Toronto was held in Hyatt Regency which I really liked as a venue.

The exhibition hall was much busier than last year.   However, what was very interesting was the large number of visitors from Yellow Pages sales force.  It seems that Yellow Pages on its quest to protect its market share from Google and not to lose its valuable advertisers has seen the necessity of training their sales force to better understand search engine marketing.

Here is the interview of Byron Gordon from SEO-PR with me.

The 2nd day’s morning keynote by Maile Ohye, senior developer programs engineer at Google, was an interesting one. Not only did she discuss some of the features of Google Web Master Tools but also she touched on some interesting points on Google Mayday update as well as Google Caffeine.

She also confirmed the importance of Meta Description in the SEO process specially for the purpose of increasing CTR.

Maile also hinted on Google’s plans to go after microsites that are only created for SEO purposes and add no value to the web ecosystem.

Here are some pictures from our booth.

Exhibiting @ Search Engine Strategies - Toronto, 2010
Toronto SES Expo & Conferences

SES 2010 Toronto – Search Engine Strategies Conference

It is about that time of the year to gear up for the SES Toronto. Search Engine Strategies conferences will be on June 10 and 11. This year`s event venue is Hyatt Regency Toronto.

After going through SES 2009,SMX Search Analytics Toronto and Toronto Search Engine Strategies Conference during recession, I am looking forward to a more exciting event in a year that Canadian economy seems to be on the upswing.

We will be exhibiting at Search Engine Strategies again. On June 9th, there will be tow SEM training workshops(more on SEM SEO Training).

Search Engine Strategies is a great opportunity for web marketers to expand their knowledge of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

SES 2009 – Search Engine Strategies Conference

Time flies…June is around the corner and so is Toronto SES 2009. It is as if it was just yesterday, I attended SMX Search Analytics Toronto and exhibited at Toronto Search Engine Strategies Conference back in 2008.

We will be again exhibiting at 2009 SES event which will be held at Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel. This year’s SES conferences will be held on June 8th and June 9th. In addition, on June 10th, there will be some SEM and SEO training programs (more on SEM SEO Training).
I am so excited about this year’s SES conference. At a time of recession, more and more marketers are concerned about their marketing dollars. Search Engine Strategies is a great opportunity for marketers to learn more about the power of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.
If search marketing campaigns are executed properly they can prove to be one of the most effective channels for marketers.
I will post more updates on the 2009 SES Toronto.

SMX Search Analytics – Toronto

After Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman departed from Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference and expo series, initiated SMX Search Marketing Expo. SMX brings together some of the sharpest minds in the search engine marketing industry.

Earlier in April, I attended Toronto SMX Search Analytics Conference and Expo. The purpose of Search Analytics is to provide marketers with insight into their visitors, customers and those who bounced away. The promise of the event is to equip advanced search marketers with tools, tactics and strategies that can maximize the effectiveness of their search engine marketing campaigns.

Toronto SMX Search Analytics conference kicked off by keynote speaker, Venessa Fox and covered topics such as:

  • Analyzing & Converting Organic Search Traffic – Covering SEO KPIs
  • Analyzing & Converting Paid Search Traffic – Utilizing Web Analytics to measure PPC campaigns
  • Up Close with Google Analytics – Measuring traffic utilizing GA
  • Top Ten Customized Search Analytics Reports – Creating Custom Executive Dashboards
  • Successful Testing for Improved Search Marketing ROI – A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Traffic Segmentation & Why It Matters – segmenting organic and paid search traffic by location, demographic and psychographics to improve ROI
  • Search Analytics & Competitive Intelligence – Analyzing competitors’ strategies and bit them at their own game
  • Creating a Data-Driven Culture – Building an Analytics and data driven culture in the organization

The two-day Toronto SMX Search Analytics program was jam-pack of information. While SES Toronto is a great source of information for marketers interested in Search Engine Marketing, SMX series are more suitable for more seasoned search marketers.

Nima Asrar Haghighi, SEM & SEO Expert

Not for Profit Conference – 2008 NFP Seminar by CMA

I will be speaking at 2008 CMA Not-for-Profit Conference on October 7, 2008 here in Toronto. The objective of this seminar is to share with the non profit organizations ways to develop an inegrated marketing strategy and to showcase innovative concepts in the not-for-profit industry.

Non-Profit Seminar - 2008 Toronto
The audience for this event will be marketing and management teams from non for profit organizations and agencies.

In this speech I will cover how search engine marketing and search engine optimization can be a powerful tool for marketing managers while web analytics can provide executives and management teams with insight on their marketing campaigns.

I will also touch base on Google Grants for non-profit organizations can be utilized for fundraising.

Learn more about this non-for profit conference.

Nima Asrar HaghighiSEM SEO Expert

Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference Toronto, 2008

Earlier this week we exhibited at Search Engine Strategies Conference here in Toronto. SES Toronto was held in Metro Convention Centre. The exhibition hall was busier than last year. Our booth specifically had a very good traffic as I was offering a quick 15-minute evaluation of search engine friendliness of the visitors’ sites.

Overall, 2008 SES Conferences were not as strong as the SES conferences in San Jose. However, we had a very successful exhibition. Here are some pictures from the booth.

SES Conferences Toronto, 2008

SES Exhibition Toronto, 2008

Search Engine Strategies Exhibition & Conferences, 2008

Public Speaking – Maximize Your Magazine’s Online Presence

Yesterday, I presented at 2007 Magazines University – The Magazine & Internet Publishing Conference together with Don and Debbie. The topic of the presentation was Maximize Your Magazine’s Online Presence.

The presentation covered topics such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Blogs, Social Networks and viral marketing. The objective of the presentation was to show case how publishers can effectively improve their presence online, increase their traffic, generate leads or sales online, maximize their ROI, make their visitors keep coming back and monetize their online traffic.

The audience from both editorial and circulation sides of consumer and business magazines.


Search Engine Strategies – San Jose – 2006

Last week I got the chance to go to California to visit my family and attend the Search Engine Strategies conferences. The major difference with the conferences held in Toronto was the size of the event. It was a great opportunity to refresh the memory with best practices and observe the latest trends in the industry.

Relevant Events: SES Toronto, SMX Toronto

Interactive Marketing Event – ad:tech – Impact

Last week I had the chance to attend the interactive marketing event held in Toronto by ad:tech. The seminars were covering topics such as search engine marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, web analytics and web design best practices.

The keynote was delivered by Jim Sterne, founding director and president of Web Analytics Association.

The event brought some of the best internet marketers in Toronto together. The consensus among the experts and consultants was that the industry would continue growing.

Day 2 of Search Engine Marketing & Optimization Expo

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I attended the second day of SES conference. I did not attend the first day as most of the topics covered on that day were very basic. On May 5, the topics were more about SEM and its dynamics.

I selected the following sessions to attend:

  • Perfecting Paid Listing
  • Search Engines & Web Server Issues
  • Auditing Paid Listing & Click-fraud Issues
  • Ad Management Tactics
  • Shopping Search: Opportunities & Tactics

Overall, It was a useful day as I got the chance to exchange ideas with other experts and the heavy weights in the industry such as Chris Sherman and Danny Sullivan.

On the next posts I will go further in detail on each session.

Attending the Search Engine Strategies 2005 Conference & Expo

On May 5, 2005, I got the chance to participate in the premier event for search engine marketing & optimization in Metro Toronto Convention Centre. There were more attendees than what I was expecting. It shows that the industry is growing and so many people are getting to understand the benefits of search engines.

After the crash of e-commerce after Y2K, It is now obvious that the industry is picking up again and this time companies actually have a business model. With the help of search engines and improving user friendliness of their sites, now business are actually making money.

SEO, SEM, CPC, PPC, CPM, PFI and so many other acronyms are heard these days. Companies now are implementing internet marketing as an integral part of their overall marketing plan.

On the upcoming posts I will share what happened in the conference.

By Nima Search Expert