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Google Social Search

As I mentioned in my blog posts on Universal Search and Personalized Search, Google has been working on personalizing its search results utilizing social media and networking sites. Google Social Search is meant to help searchers find the answers to their questions from their own social circle, a set of online friends and contacts they trust. […]

Social Media Statistics – Socialnomics

There has been so many talks about social media and its impact on our society, businesses and marketing.  Here are some interesting stats on social media gathered by Erik Qualman the author of socialnomics. Statistics presented in this video shows the amazing growth of social media websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Twitter Ad Platform – Advertising on Twitter

Twitter seems to have finally found a way to monetize its social media platform. Following their deals with Google and Microsoft to provide them with real time search, there are rumours that they are ready to launch their advertising platform. Google has been long a believer of ad relevancy and they pioneered the concept of […]

My Space in Real Time Search

As I mentioned in my previous article on real time search, there would be more real time news feed added to the sources of real time search.  Google just announced that starting this week, they added the content of My Space to real time search.  Now Google provides a pool of news, photos and blog […]

Real Time Search – Twitter on Search Engine Results Pages

With the ever growing popularity of twitter and its role in providing real time news that search engines were not traditionally able to provide, Google decided to strike a deal with twitter and include real time search results on their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Real time search is the new addition to the Google […]

Google Profiles – People Search Improvement or Social Media Supremacy?

Google announced earlier that by enhancing Google Profiles they give people a greater control over their online profiles when somebody searches for their names on search engines. Google has already started showing Google profile results at the bottom of US search queries for people names. Currently only 4 profiles are shown for name-query searches. These […]

Google goes Social with Google Friend Connect

Earlier this week, Google announced a preview release of the newest addition to its product mix, Google Friend Connect, a service that helps website owners grow traffic by enabling sites on the web to easily add social features to their websites. By offering Friend Connect, which can be added to a web property by simply […]

LinkedIn Launches Company Profile

Have you ever wondered how to use LinkedIn? Asked yourself whether you should join another Social Network? Is LinkedIn just another network marketing Website? Well, you are probably not alone! With so many social networking sites why should you bother joining LinkedIn? LinkedIn can be used for many purposes. It can be a simple way […]