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Facebook & Omniture Join Forces to Provide Automated Media Buying & Optimization

According to eMarketer, Facebook will surpass MySpace in terms of ad revenue this year, with Facebook expected to bring in $605 million in ad revenue compared to $385 million that MySpace is expected to nab.  With such a phenomenal growth in audience and engagement metrics, there is no surprise many online marketers have their eye […]

Tracking PDF Downloads in Google Analytics

Pageviews might not be all you care to measure using Google Analytics.  You may like to measure the number of times your documents and files (PDFs, AVI, WMV) are downloaded.  Google Analytics provides you with the capability to track clicks on file download links.  Because these links do not lead to a pageview on your […]

Google AdWords and Analytics Discrepancy on PPC Stats

To ensure that you run effective SEM campaigns, you should take advantage of Web Analytics applications to better understand and optimize the performance of your campaigns. If you use Google AdWords to run PPC ads, you can easily integrate Google AdWords and Google Analytics by linking the two applications. However, you may find some discrepancy […]

Google Analytics Tracking Cookies

Cookies are small text data given to a web browser by a web server. The data is stored on a website visitors’ hard drive and is returned to the specific web server each time the browser requests a page from that server. Cookies are used by web servers to remember information from page to page […]

Google Analytics – a Consultant Needed?

I have previously written some articles on Web Analytics on topics such as Web Analytics & Cookies, Introduction of Google Analytics, improvement of website usability utilizing Web Analytics, SEO KPIs, Branding KPIs, and benefits of Web Analytics. Given the growing importance of web measurement and the fact that the aforementioned articles seem to be some […]

SMX Search Analytics – Toronto

After Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman departed from Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference and expo series, initiated SMX Search Marketing Expo. SMX brings together some of the sharpest minds in the search engine marketing industry. Earlier in April, I attended Toronto SMX Search Analytics Conference and Expo. The purpose of Search Analytics is to provide […]

KPIs for Measuring SEO Success

Measuring the success of Search Engine Optimization process for a website beyond the ranking reports is a must. SEO experts do their best to optimize sites for high rankings for keywords with high effectiveness index. However, with the new developments in search personalization, relying only on ranking reports to evaluate the effects of organic search […]

Benefits of Web Analytics

In my previous post on Web Analytics (Back to the Future), I mentioned that more companies are embracing Web Analytics. Web Analytics involves TQM, testing and incremental improvements. Whether you are a Web Analytics Company in Toronto or you are an in-house Web Analytics Manager, you will need to work with so many stakeholders in […]

Back to the Future

Recently, I went to visit my family back home. It was a great trip and I enjoyed the time I spent with my family and the friends some of whom I had not seen for over 8 years. This trip had another advantage. It reminded me of where I started and how I got to […]

To Brand or To Measure: That is the Question, or Is It?

As I mentioned in my earlier post (Interactive Marketing Speaking Engagement), I had a presentation on the topic of search engine marketing in Canada. The event topics were more targeted toward direct marketing and direct response. However, among attendees there were some very sharp people with branding background. Not surprisingly, a debate was going on […]

Web Site Usability: To Blink or To Think, That is the Question!

I don’t know if you have ever read the book entitled “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell. It is another master piece from the author of “The Tipping Point.” One can extend Gladwell’s books to sociology, business, marketing or even one’s personal life. Gladwell, in his book Blink, implies that the people make a decision in a […]

Google Analytics – Is Google Changing the name of the game?

Google just recently rebranded the Urchin Web Analytics Service as Google Analytics. Evenbetter they now offer it for free. But what this revolutionary move means? The launch of Google Analytics affects small-businesses and enterprise marketers, Web Analytics Companies, other search engines (Yahoo, MSN, Kanoodle), and definitely Google’s bottom line and future. Small-business Marketers now have […]

Are Cookies treated fairly?

Are cookies treated fairly? That is the question we need to ask ourselves. Nearly 40 percent of respondents to recent study on cookies conducted by JupiterResearch in April said they trash cookies monthly. This number is big enough to make Web analytics, Internet marketing and affiliate marketing industries worried. It means that the measurements on […]