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Handling Parameters to Prevent Duplicate Content

One of the challenges SEO managers face is to minimize the amount duplicate content on their sites.  Duplicate content can be problematic of the following reasons: PageRank Dilution: as the backlinks to your pages will be pointing to various version of your pages, rather than the canonical version of the pages getting all the benefits, […]

SEO Plateau – How to Break it

Back in 2002, I was just a new immigrant in Canada.  It was tough moving to a new country, getting to know the culture, finding new friends who can fill in the empty space of family members and friends I left behind back home, learning how the job mark works, etc.  To say the least, […]

Google Instant Previews – Impact on SEO and PPC?

As a quest to provide its audience with a better user experience – and to some extent catch up with Bing – Google unveiled its new search feature: Instant previews.  The new feature provides a snapshot image preview of the web page on the SERP when hovering over a magnifying glass icon next to the […]

Removing Content from Google Index

Whether it is for reputation management, eliminating duplicate content for SEO purposes or removing sensitive information indexed by search engines, you might want to remove content from Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). As with your health, prevention is better than cure. As a webmaster, you may try preventing the search engines from finding your pages […]

Google Instant – New Enhancement to Google Search

Google launched its latest innovation: Google Instant. Google Instant is actually an enhancement to their search technology that shows the search results as you type your search query. This means that you can scan a results page while you type. The whole concept runs based on a predictive model. As users type a search query, […]

Optimizing for Bing – SEO after Search Alliance

As I mentioned in my previous post (Yahoo & Microsoft Search Alliance), the alliance is well on its way. Some Bing results have already started to show up on Yahoo particularly in US.  As a result of the testing,  some sites have seen fluctuations on their rankings. The search alliance also impacts organic search (web, […]

Yahoo & Microsoft Search Alliance

It seems that the Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance is going to happen as planned in October and we are not going to wait until the end of holiday season.  As announced back in February, Yahoo and Microsoft forged an alliance to provide their users with a new search experience by providing relevant results faster […]

Online Reputation Management

Depending on the size and brand sensitivity of organizations, they have traditionally had Public Relations departments, spokesperson or spin doctors to deal with crisis management, customer relations, employee relations, government affair and media relations. Even though Public Relations (PR) has been a center of attention for years as the process of maintaining public image for […]

YouTube Captions – Automatic Closed Caption for Videos

Since the introduction of Universal Search (aka Blended Search), search engine marketers have been considering optimizing videos to rank high on search engine results pages as part of their SEO efforts. Some of the techniques SEO specialist use to optimize a video are: Using a keyword rich title for the video Tag video with relevant […]

Site Speed – A Factor in Google Algorithm

Just 2 years after introducing Landing Page Impact on AdWords Quality Score, Google just announced that they are now using site speed as a factor in their search ranking algorithm. Currently, website speed does not have a huge impact on the ranking and still site relevance and backlinks are more important factors in SEO; however, […]

Real Time Search – Twitter on Search Engine Results Pages

With the ever growing popularity of twitter and its role in providing real time news that search engines were not traditionally able to provide, Google decided to strike a deal with twitter and include real time search results on their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Real time search is the new addition to the Google […]

SES 2009 – Search Engine Strategies Conference

Time flies…June is around the corner and so is Toronto SES 2009. It is as if it was just yesterday, I attended SMX Search Analytics Toronto and exhibited at Toronto Search Engine Strategies Conference back in 2008. We will be again exhibiting at 2009 SES event which will be held at Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel. […]

SMX Search Analytics – Toronto

After Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman departed from Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference and expo series, initiated SMX Search Marketing Expo. SMX brings together some of the sharpest minds in the search engine marketing industry. Earlier in April, I attended Toronto SMX Search Analytics Conference and Expo. The purpose of Search Analytics is to provide […]

Most Popular SEM SEO Expert BLog Posts of 2008

After a great and relatively long vacation in Dubai, I am back in Toronto. It’s the time to ponder how another year passed, what I have achieved and what I should plan for 2009. So, I reviewed 2008 traffic to the site. Here are the most popular blog posts: SEO KPIs How to Create XML […]

XML Sitemap for Large Sites

In my previous two articles (How to Generate XML Sitemap for Your Website and Submit XML Sitemap to Google, Yahoo and MSN), I explained how you can generate XML sitemaps and submit them to search engines. What if your website has a large number of pages? How do you create and submit XML sitemaps for […]