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One of the challenges search engine marketers had been facing was that the only way they had to analyze, optimize and measure the success of an SEM campaign solely based on the last click conversion.

Even though considering the contribution of the last click conversion to the success of a campaign is important, ignoring the attribution of other keywords that have contributed to the search funnel, including the first click, can prevent you from seeing the full picture. This is due to the fact that people perform multiple searches before they make a decision and covert.

The attribution model was one of the reasons Microsoft introduced Search Funnels in Microsoft adCenter Labs when they tried to push MSN adCenter. This tool helps advertisers in visualizing and analyzing the customers’ search sequences. However, the shortcoming of this tool is that it is not specific to your campaign.

Google AdWords Search Funnel report helps search marketers make more informed decisions when it comes to bidding or deciding whether or not to keep a keyword in the account by giving you insight into the decision making process your customers go through before converting. Without knowing the attribution of a keyword to the conversion path, you might delete a keyword and hurt your overall performance.

Google AdWords Search Funnels include reports such as Top Conversions, Assisted Conversions, First Click Analysis, Last Click Analysis, Time Lag and Path Length. Here is an overview of Search Funnel Reports:

Google AdWords Search Funnels

In order for Google AdWords to show these reports, you need to have AdWords conversion tracking code in place or import goals from your Google Analytics to your Adwords account. Keep in mind that Search Funnels only show data from and only for those keywords that show up in at least one conversion path and for ad impressions and clicks within 30 days of the conversion.

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