Site Speed – A Factor in Google Algorithm

Just 2 years after introducing Landing Page Impact on AdWords Quality Score, Google just announced that they are now using site speed as a factor in their search ranking algorithm.

Currently, website speed does not have a huge impact on the ranking and still site relevance and backlinks are more important factors in SEO; however, this is another factor that search engine optimization experts need to take into consideration.

You can use tools such as Firebug Firefox add-on, Yahoo’s YSlow tool or Google Webmaster tools to monitor and improve your site’s speed.

Site Speed now Impacts Your Page Ranking

Google Webmaster Tools - Site Load Time

Some techniques that you can take to improve your website’s speed are:

• Optimize web graphics
• Reduce the file sizes
• Compress JavaScript
• Reduce CSS size
• Utilize HTTP caching
• Minimize browser reflow
• Reduce HTML document size by eliminating optional elements
• Use fewer redirects

By speeding up your site, not only you may help your SEO efforts and search ranking but also you can potentially improve user experience, average time on your site as well as conversion rate.

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