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Google recently re-introduced its Click to Call ads feature. With the wide spread use of smart phones and the growth of mobile search, Google has decided to take another look at Click to Call advertising concept they introduced a couple of years ago. At the time, the focus was mostly on the desktop where calling was not as easy and maybe that is why it was shelved for a while.

Searchers are provided with two options: they can either click to call your business or click and visit your URL. When people search Google using their mobile phones, it is much easier for them to have a voice call with a business using their mobile phone than doing so on a desktop. Now it is possible to make it easier for prospects to reach you by adding a location-specific business phone number in Google ads. Searchers can click to call you the same way they click to visit your website. Google doesn’t charge users for clicks to place calls though the users’ standard carrier rates apply.

The best part of this is that even if you have multiple business locations, because mobile ads can be served based on user’s physical location, you can serve the ad with the closest store location.

You first need to add location extensions to your Google AdWords PPC campaign. You can then give each of your business locations its corresponding business phone number (this can be done in Google Local Business Center). AdWords will display the business phone of your nearest location to where the user is.

Location extensions are available for ads within Google properties such as Google and Google Maps, and some Google Search Network sites and work on mobile devices with full internet browser (e.g., iPhone, Andriod). Currently Click to Call does not appear in the Content Network or on AdSense for Mobile apps, but that might change. The cost of a click to call to your business is the same as the cost of a click to visit your website.

You can review how many calls you’ve received for each Keyword, Ad Group, or Campaign in the Campaigns interface within AdWords by selecting segment button to choose between website visits and phone calls.

Watch video on Click to Call.

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