SEM Expertise Needed to Be an SEM Specialist

One of my responsibilities is to develop SEM Experts in house. To do so, it is important to understand what expertise a SEM specialist needs to have in order to be successful.

SEM expertise required can be determined by looking closely at the search engine marketing process.

The first step in designing a search marketing campaign is to understand the business objectives. So, an SEM expert needs to understand the big picture, have a good understanding of direct marketing, branding and financial principles.

Once the objectives are understood and some basic SEM strategies are put in place, the keyword research starts. This stage not only requires keen attention to details but also involves creativity.

The next expertise an SEM needs to develop is to write creative and compelling ad copies. Here the search engine marketer needs to develop ad copies that generate high click through rates while qualifying the visitors with clear ad copies.

Once the campaign is live, there is a constant need to monitor keywords performances and adjust the bids accordingly. The expertise required at this stage, in addition to attention to details, are statistical analysis and understanding of trends.

For a search campaign to be successful, not only it is necessary to send qualify traffic to a site, but also it is crucial for the website to be able to convert the traffic to prospects or clients. So, to be successful in running SEM campaigns, it is important for an SEM specialist to develop expertise around web design and SEO as well.

Not only it is important to track the performance of the SEM campaign, it is crucial for a Search Engine Marketer to be able to analyze the results and take action accordingly.

As you may notice there are so many expertise that need to be developed through education and practice for an individual to be considered as an SEM expert.

By NimaToronto SEM SEO Expert

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Nima Asrar Haghighi is an Internet Marketing consultant with expertise in SEM (PPC Advertising), Organic SEO, RSS, Social Media and Web Analytics (Google Analytics IQ Certified). Nima holds an MBA in marketing, B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering, Project Management Certification, and CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster) in E-commerce. You can reach Nima at +Google Plus or LinkedIn.

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  1. avatar Mike Jason says:

    I think you are missing an important point between

    the keyword research starts

    and between

    The next expertise an SEM needs to develop is to write creative and compelling ad copies

    The competition analysis is the most important part, because after you did your keyword research to find the right keywords you need to find how easy to beat this competition and what they used in their copies etc…
    Then you can advance to what follows.

    Thanks, great article too!

    Mike Jason
    SEO Software

    • Hi Mike, you are right about the importance of competition analysis. However, I see it as a part of keyword research process. You can conduct a keywords effectiveness analysis to find phrases that are easier for you to rank high while you can generate a great deal of traffic. However, in some cases, your strategy could be to go after competitive keywords if you have enough relevant content, high PageRank and good anchor texts in your backlinks.

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