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Writing for the Web was once just about writing a content that grabs the attention of Internet surfers. However, as SEO is getting more and more attention by Internet Marketers, website copywriters should also keep search engines in mind while writing content.

This has created a new industry and you can see many Toronto companies or freelancers offering SEO copywriting services.

Copywriting for search engines optimization is a challenging task. SEO Copywriters not only should take into consideration the content they need to deliver, but they also should pay close attention to their choice of words. If a writer just writes for visitors and not search engines, s/he might fail to use the keywords that people are searching for and as a result miss on the potential traffic. On the other hand if the copywriters just write for search engines, they could deter visitors from reading on.

The trap some of SEO copywriters fall in is that they keep repeating the same keywords over and over to please search engines. When I deal with freelance copywriters, I always have a tip for them: understand LSI and conduct keyword research before putting your pen on the paper (or finger on the keyboard).

Search engines use Latent Semantic Indexing when they are trying to understand the content of a website. If copywriters take LSI into consideration while optimizing their content for search engines, they will be able to write content that is attracting to visitors and is optimized for engines.

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