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Impression Share – Google IS Report

Have you ever wondered what kind of impression coverage (share of voice) you have on your Google AdWords campaigns? To help you get a better insight into your AdWords campaign`s share of voice, Google allows you run Impression Share reports both at the campaign and account levels. Impression share is a metric that represents the […]

Google AdWords and Analytics Discrepancy on PPC Stats

To ensure that you run effective SEM campaigns, you should take advantage of Web Analytics applications to better understand and optimize the performance of your campaigns. If you use Google AdWords to run PPC ads, you can easily integrate Google AdWords and Google Analytics by linking the two applications. However, you may find some discrepancy […]

SES 2009 – Search Engine Strategies Conference

Time flies…June is around the corner and so is Toronto SES 2009. It is as if it was just yesterday, I attended SMX Search Analytics Toronto and exhibited at Toronto Search Engine Strategies Conference back in 2008. We will be again exhibiting at 2009 SES event which will be held at Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel. […]

SMX Search Analytics – Toronto

After Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman departed from Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference and expo series, initiated SMX Search Marketing Expo. SMX brings together some of the sharpest minds in the search engine marketing industry. Earlier in April, I attended Toronto SMX Search Analytics Conference and Expo. The purpose of Search Analytics is to provide […]

Google Advertising – AdWords in a Nutshell

Advertising on Google has become an important part of Internet marketing mix. Google AdWords can be marketers’ best friend. Whether you are looking to raise brand awareness, lunch a new product, generate more leads, increase traffic to your site or sell products and services online, Google pay per click advertising can prove useful. As I […]

Google AdWords Consulting Might Just Save Your Campaign

If you have every used Google AdWords to run PPC advertising campaigns, you have noticed that Google AdWords has a very user friendly and intuitive PPC management interface. You can basically set up an AdWords account and send your marketing campaign live in a matter of hours if not minutes. However, running Google AdWords campaigns […]

SEO Training in Toronto- Courses for Learning PPC

With the growth of search engine optimization and marketing and the ever growing demand for SEM and SEO experts who could help augment online marketing campaigns, more marketing and web design professionals are looking for SEM (ppc advertising) and SEO training courses to learn about the latest search engine optimization & marketing techniques. As an […]

Google Search Based Keyword Tool – SKTool

Google just announced the introduction of its new keyword search tool. Google’s new free keyword suggestion tool is called Search-based Keyword Tool (SKTool or SbKT). Whether you use keyword research tools for SEO or PPC advertising using AdWords, YSM (previously Overture), MSN and adCenter, you can benefit from Google’s new and free keyword tool. The […]

SEO vs. PPC Promotion Strategies

Marketing SEO vs. PPC Promotion StrategiesSEO or SEM? This is a question you might have asked yourself. You have the budget to allocate either to SEO market your products and services or take advantage of PPC advertising to promote your website. When deciding on your marketing strategies, there are many factors that you need to […]

Google AdWords & AdSense Pay Per Click Fraud Detection

Just heard the latest news on Google PPC Click Fraud Detection and Prevention. Click Forensics announced that Google will be accepting click-quality e-reports generated by the Click Forensics’ Fully Automated Click Tracking Recognition (FACTr). This means that Google AdWords advertisers can now submit click fraud reports to Google in an automated fashion through FACTr click […]

Not for Profit Conference – 2008 NFP Seminar by CMA

I will be speaking at 2008 CMA Not-for-Profit Conference on October 7, 2008 here in Toronto. The objective of this seminar is to share with the non profit organizations ways to develop an inegrated marketing strategy and to showcase innovative concepts in the not-for-profit industry. The audience for this event will be marketing and management […]

Landing Page Load Time Added to AdWords Interface

As I mentioned in my earlier article, Landing Page Load Time Impact on Google AdWords Quality Score, Google announced that “landing page load time” would be added to the factors influencing Quality Score. Even though it will not be enforced until mid-June, Google announced the landing page load time is now added to AdWords interface […]

Landing Page Load Time Impact on Google AdWords Quality Score

Google announced recently that they Will soon incorporate “landing page load time” as a factor to their Quality Score formula. Load time evaluation will be added to the keyword analysis tips on AdWords interface. Quality Score has always been treated as black box and there has not been much transparency around it (for the obvious […]

SEM Expertise Needed to Be an SEM Specialist

One of my responsibilities is to develop SEM Experts in house. To do so, it is important to understand what expertise a SEM specialist needs to have in order to be successful. SEM expertise required can be determined by looking closely at the search engine marketing process. The first step in designing a search marketing […]

Personalization & Google Universal Search Optimization

On the second part of my article on One Degree, Personalization and Universal Search Optimization, I covered different tactics and strategies on optimization of a website for personalized Universal search. I argued that the first step in optimization is to make sure your site has a wide reach and has high visibility. Some of tactics […]

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